Pasatiempo Golf Club Success Story

The Customer

Located in Santa Cruz, California, Pasatiempo Golf Club Opens new site is one of the top-rated golf courses in the United States. It was founded and built in 1929 by a pioneer of international women’s sports, Marion Hollins, in partnership with famed architect, Dr. Alister MacKenzie.

Pasatiempo is renowned as a beautiful golf course with challenging terrain. Continuously ranked as one of the top golf courses in California and the United States, Pasatiempo attracts clientele from all over the world.

The Challenge

The previous scanners Pasatiempo used in their shop were using were not working well. Not only did the old scanners require two hands to operate (a big issue for a one-man operation), but they also made data transfer difficult, which slowed down the inventory process considerably.

It was time to upgrade and streamline the workflow with something one-handed.

The Socket Mobile Solution

The S800 1D imager barcode scanner was selected for its one-handed scanning ability, speed, and versatility. The Pasatiempo Golf Club shop uses it to scan merchandise for inventory counting.

Pasatiempo uses the JONAS Club Management application in conjunction with the S800 for aspects of computing data and inventory control in the golf club’s shop.

The Results

Socket Mobile’s S800 device not only made the inventory easier but made the job faster as well. It reduced the amount of time required to complete the counting process by 20%. This saves employees roughly an hour that can now be spent completing other tasks.

Inventory is now a one-person task. Plus, with the option to use the phone’s keyboard to alter scanned quantities, it takes that one person less time. This greatly speeds up the counting process.

"The S800 scanner from Socket Mobile solved a major inventory control issue for us. The scanner is easy to use and the wireless transfer of data streamlined our counting process, saving us time and money." - Zach Adams, PGA, 1st Assistant Golf Professional


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Testen Sie unser Datenerfassungs- und Scan-Technologie kostenlos mit SocketCam. Der SocketCam C820 erlaubt Ihnen direktes Scannen in Ihre Anwendung mithilfe der Kamera Ihres Mobilgeräts. Dabei wird hohe Leistungsfähigkeit gewährleistet, ohne dass ein zusätzlicher Barcode-Scanner erforderlich ist.

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