Government / Public Sector Solutions

Industries working under the Public sector have a lot of pressure. Government jobs represent the people, serving the public. With the weight of the free world on their shoulders, employees also have long wait times, massive paperwork, disgruntled constituents… imagine if there were solutions to streamline the process of so many tasks in the public sector.

Socket Mobile offers government and public sector agencies a flexible business mobility system optimized for use in a wide range of task-specific applications.

The Solution

Socket Mobile offers a unique selection of add-on peripherals, such as bar code scanners, RFID readers, plug-in modems. Together with the knowledge and applications of our vertical industry partners, Socket Mobile provides a cohesive and complete solution for the public sector marketplace.

Our data capture and delivery solution help numerous trades: community events for registering patrons and providing information; mail tracking for more dependable delivery status; public libraries for improved cataloguing and status checking.

In Washington DC, some public libraries are using Socket Mobile barcode scanners with an Apple iPad application for mobile checkout. The application and scanners have updated the catalogue process by skipping shelving carts and desk services, allowing workers to scan and shelve library materials while searching the database and checking people’s status quickly, wherever they are in the building. Read more on D.C. Library Staff Tests iPad Services App Opens new site.

Depending on the sector’s needs and the chosen application’s capabilities, Socket Mobile’s solutions provide industries the ability to simplify and speed up most point of services.

Barcode Scanning and NFC Advantages

  • Enable first responders to make fast, accurate decisions by having the information they need readily available
  • Reduce costs by standardizing and simplifying processes in the field
  • Streamline asset tracking, field automation and inventory management
  • Authenticate medical cards
  • Authenticate documents


  • Libraries
  • Post Office
  • Law Enforcement
  • DMV