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Transportation & Logistics Solutions for Warehouse Management

Managing the day-to-day operations of a warehouse can be a tedious process. With a seemingly endless list of tasks, managers are responsible for ensuring the proper organization of goods while shipping, receiving, storing and sorting mass goods in a single location. Without a well-ordered system, the efficiency and efficacy of the entire operation can be compromised.

Warehouse management is notorious for creating massive paperwork. With a lot of goods coming and going from a lot of places, documentation is necessarily complex. But with Socket Mobile the documentation process can be made more efficient and more accurate. Incorporating a Socket Mobile product into the warehouse management process helps to minimize written and printed material, making the entire process simpler for all users. Simply point and click to scan materials, rather than jotting down numbers on a chart that are easy to misread, miswrite, or simply lose.

Use Cases

  • Laser Barcode Scanners: Powerful laser barcode scanners perfect for places full of awkward angles, damaged barcodes, and low-light situations. Built to be durable, mobile, and high-performing, the D730 and S730 are designed to meet the highest of expectations. 

Success Stories

  • National Packaging Company: Without disruption to their existing order processing system the client now has full access to real time palletized stock details so that they can produce immediate stock location information to their workers and stock take information to their customers. Errors have been significantly reduced, and some stock which had been missing for some time was even located when using the new system.