Jessie got a great deal on his used car. The salesman scanned the VIN, informing Jessie the vehicle would need some minor repairs, hence the great deal. Thanks to the information that was so readily available via barcode scanning, Jessie can take care of his new car right away.

Driving his new car into the shop, Regina – Jessie’s trusty mechanic - scans the automobile’s part. Regina uses her mobile scanner to scan the ID numbers, checking her inventory. She sees that several of the needed parts are in stock, but one will have to be ordered prior to repairs. With the large warehouse of parts, scanning the parts and checking through her mobile device not only saves her time in managing her stock, but it also saves Jessie time while he waits for an estimate on his car.

Recommended Products

  • DuraScan D730 Series - The DuraScan D730 laser scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology is durably tough, designed for mobility and built lightweight for all day comfort. The D730 scans through plastic or glass, as well as works in bright or poor lighting conditions, can point and aim sideways, upside down, or straight at imperfect barcodes.
  • Durable Retractable Clip - Combine secure accessibility with durability with the Durable Pull Reel Clip.  Providing extended reach with 47” (1.2 meters), the chord is made of stainless steel cable for extended life expectancy while the quick-draw retractor keeps Socket Mobile scanners secure and ready to use. The Durable Pull Reel clips securely onto your belt, pocket, vest, etc., with the ability to swivel, rotate and easily remove for convenience
  • Holster - A conveniently secure resting place for Socket Mobile's barcode scanner or RFID reader. 
  • Charging Cradle - The Charging Cradle is designed to recharge and provide easy storage of the DuraScan scanners. When not in use or in between scanning sessions, scanners can charge on the cradle, set up in multiple ways. A multi-angle mounting bracket sets the cradle in different positions on a flat surface, or attaches to a wall for optimal comfort.