Wrist Strap Use Case

At Socket Mobile, we understand that most jobs require shifting between multiple tasks. That means that workers may well be juggling more than one device at a time. Different tasks, different devices, different parts of a work area—that’s a lot of variables and a lot of moving parts.

In such a fluid situation, it can be easy to misplace your barcode scanner. Being able to keep it on your person could save a lot of time and effort.

Made for just such circumstances, the Wrist Strap is a means to keep your device at hand even when your job requires you to use your hands for other tasks. Keep your barcode scanner or RFID reader within hands-reach. Enjoy the ultimate convenience in multi-tasking while keeping your device at your fingertips.



Compatible Products:

  • SocketScan S700 Series: Sleek, high-performance barcode scanners. Lightweight and ergonomic, SocketScan models include options for 1D, laser, 1D/2D and MRZ scanning.
  • DuraScan D600:Dedicated NFC/Mifare reader/writer, durably designed and ideal for mobile operations.
  • DuraCase Series: Protective cases to combine your SocketScan 800 series scanner and smart device.

Applicable Industries:

  • Manufacturing Shop Floor
  • Warehouse/ Distribution Center
  • Retail POS
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)
  • Field Sales/ Service
  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • Shipping/ Delivery