Norcal Reptile Expo Success Story

The Customer

NorCal Reptile Expo Opens new site is a place where fans of the reptile community can come and spend time with people in the reptile lover’s community. While here you can shop, share info, or bring home a new scaly family member.

The Challenge

As the company started growing, keeping track of customers coming through the door became more and more challenging. We needed something fast and accurate. We would count raffle tickets at the end of each expo. We would usually count over 5000 tickets, but we would never be sure how accurate our count was. Other times, some tickets would get lost and end up throwing off the final count.

The Application 

We used the Stock Count app by Socket Mobile to complete the task. All we have to do is send our report to total the count.

The Socket Mobile Solution:

We selected an orange DuraScan D750 and a white SocketScan S700. Once the scanners were setup, we also had barcodes created for each of the 5 ticket types and different price points. We set up two people at the doors to scan our customer’s tickets as they entered.

The Result 

The results were spectacular. We went from spending hours of manually counting tickets to running one report per day with Socket Mobile’s solution.

Before, we would just receive the tickets at the door, and then count all the tickets individually, after the show. It used to take us about two hours to count an average of 5000 people/tickets.

Now, using the Socket Mobile barcode scanner eliminates manual counting. We feel that our tally is 100% accurate now and we don’t have to second guess our customer head count.

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