Barcode Scanners for patient care

Soluciones sanitarias para el cuidado del paciente

There is no room for error in the medical industry. Healthcare facilities depend on reliable data entry, which require unfailing procedural input for saving data and referencing. To improve workflow, Socket Mobile offers durable, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and comfortable-to-carry barcode scanner options for improved data capture and delivery solutions.

Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode scanners help reduce the amount of handwritten material by immediately inputting scanned data. Practitioners can have instant access to medical records in a facility or when making house calls. In addition, Socket Mobile’s hygiene-sensitive devices are made with antimicrobial materials, providing an extra layer of protection against the spread of bacteria.


Use Case

  • 800 Series Attachable Scanner in Healthcare: Silently scan ID bracelets at a patient’s bedside and have mobile access to patient’s records. Through his scan, nurse Joe also sees the results to Mrs. Johnson’s blood test are available, which he can share with her when she wakes. Having scanned the empty prescription bottle on the side of the bed, Joe is also able to determine how many more refills are available.

Case Study

  • Neuroptics is in optical evaluation for assessing bodily health; their facility uses Socket Mobile’s Bluetooth barcode readers for in-house usage, as well as tracking assets (products), alongside their Apple and Android devices.