Soluciones de transporte para logística

The distribution workers are the ones who fulfill the promise of a product - physically delivering products to customers. Tracking and handling merchandise in-transit can be a difficult and time-consuming set of responsibilities. Plenty of miscalculations on deliveries and stocking are easily made, which is why a secure and dependable tracking system needs to be in place, ensuring deadlines are met and orders are fulfilled.

With data capture and delivery solutions, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners and RFID readers aid the logistics system with real-time reflections of orders in transit, enabling a constant connection to corporate networks. The coordination of the details of a business’ deliveries and stocking can be back-breaking and headache-inducing. Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions reduce that stress just a little bit.

Use Cases

  • Laser Barcode Scanners: The D730 is a powerful laser barcode scanner perfect for places full of awkward angles, damaged barcodes, and low-light situations. Built to be durable, mobile, and high-performing, the D730 is designed to meet the highest of expectations.
  • Holster with Rotating Belt Clip: Delivery workers are always on the go. That means that their scanners are too. A holster with rotating belt clip helps to ensure that your scanner stays secure.”

Success Stories

  • Envia Mi Compra: The international courier company implemented a solution that allowed them to scan packages in real time and verify whether postage was paid. The company developed a solution that allows delivery staff to enter a package’s tracking code; the application also collects the receiver’s signature and the delivery position. They track every package on each key point (when arrived at the airport, when loaded to the trucks, when stored on their warehouse) and more important, they are able to verify, in real-time, whether a package’s postage was paid or not.
  • National Packaging Company: With the incorporation of the Socket Mobile solution, National Packaging Company reduces input errors from orders that are kept on multiple pallets for call-off by customers with no tracking process. Immediate stock location information is produced to their workers and stock take information is provided to their customers.


  • For speed and future proofing, we recommend the SocketScan S740.
  • For speed, future proofing, and durability, we recommend the DuraScan D740.
  • For a one handed solution, we recommend the SocketScan S840 with a DuraCase for iPhone.