Solutions industrielles et de fabrication pour les bons de travail

L'utilisation d'un système de tracking fiable et sécurisé permet d'éviter de nombreux dysfonctionnements en matière d’approvisionnement et d'entreposage.Si le travail en entrepôts est physiquement contraignant, la lecture de code-barres ne doit pas nécessairement l’être. Avec les lecteurs code-barres Socket Mobile, plus besoin de papier ni de stylo, il vous suffit tout simplement de scanner vos bons de commande.


Use Case

  • Socket Scan 700 Series Colorful Barcode Scanners: In dim warehouses, in what seems like a sea of grey and brown, it can be easy to misplace a neutral colored barcode scanner. And, when you find one, it can be easy to mistake it for yours. No longer. Socket Mobile’s colorful S700 series is easy to spot and easy to differentiate.
  • Data Capture Solution for Accident-Prone Workers: Butter-fingers. Every company has one, that employee who always seems to be dropping something. That’s tough enough as it is, but in a busy workplace with unforgiving surfaces, that can be devastating. Luckily, Socket Mobile has a solution.

Success Stories

  • Casa Organic Dry Cleaners: Employees were manually entering over 200 job tickets into the computer system daily. That meant wasted time and unnecessary errors. Implementing Socket Mobile barcode scanners along with Sudzy POS has increased our workflow by 200%.