Smart Clothing Success Story

The Customer

Smart Clothing is a company that integrates NFC technology into apparel to make the shopping experience easier for everyone. They decided to use the D600 Reader/Writer on a trial basis, to see how the NFC reader would work with their business.

The Challenge

NFC is a rapidly emerging technology, but many consumers do not know how to interact with it. Some Android smartphones can read NFC tags, but Apple products, tablets and Windows computers do not natively support NFC. Smart Clothing customers needed to be able to easily interact with NFC tags so that they could access the company platform. The Socket Mobile D600 is a versatile tool that makes it easy for anyone to read and write NFC tags.


The Socket Mobile Solution

Some of the founders at Smart Clothing use iPhones, and therefore could not interact with the NFC tags. Now they always have the D600 Reader/Writer in their pocket or on a lanyard, making it extremely easy to read NFC tags. Since the D600 connects to an iPhone via Bluetooth, the setup was very easy and wasn’t a hassle to use.

Smart Clothing is also looking to implement the D600 in retail locations so that customers can easily read the NFC tags.

The Results

Thanks to Socket Mobile’s D600, Smart Clothing has no technological barriers holding back the product at the core of their business. It is a tool that has become an integral part of their daily routine.

"I believe that it [the D600] will continue to aid in the growth of Near Field Communications technology for the industry as a whole" – Canyon Tober, founder of Smart Clothing