Flutter CaptureSDK adds SocketCam C860 Advanced Camera Scanning

June 26, 2024 by Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES

C860 Developer Update for Flutter

Socket Mobile is excited to announce the addition of SocketCam C860 Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) advanced camera scanning support for our Flutter CaptureSDK!

SocketCam C860 is the newest version of the SocketCam product family that turns any mobile device into a robust scanning solution capable of reading damaged and other difficult-to-read barcodes in all conditions.

The previous version of SocketCam, the C820, offers basic 1D/2D mobile camera scanning capabilities and is completely free to integrate and use. It's an excellent choice for budget-conscious users with basic scanning requirements. Now, CaptureSDK for Flutter supports the advanced, subscription-based C860, offering cross-platform app developers a more powerful solution to serve users with demanding scanning requirements.

SocketCam C860's best-in-class technology leads the industry for software decoding, bringing a competitive edge against even the best commercial scanners on the market. A key strength of the C860 is its ability to accurately read damaged barcodes, effectively addressing a common frustration among many end-users. Its scanning speed outshines others in the industry, and its proficiency in capturing barcodes in poor lighting conditions resolves the challenges of scanning in less-than-ideal environments.

With these advancements, end-users experience fewer disruptions along with increased speed and efficiency while scanning. The enhanced productivity the C860 provides increases users' overall satisfaction while using your Flutter app application, as they leverage their phone's integrated camera to manage more complex daily scanning needs.

To allow users to take advantage of these capabilities, app developers using Flutter must ensure that their applications use the latest version of CaptureSDK, v1.5.11 or greater, and follow the requirements to enable SocketCam Opens New Window. From there, the flexibility extends to the end users as they now have the power to leverage the C820 for free or easily upgrade to the C860 if they choose. This latest version of CaptureSDK also allows them to easily move from the C820 free camera scanner to the C860 pro version or a dedicated hardware scanner as their needs change.

To get the latest version of the Flutter CaptureSDK, log onto your Socket Mobile developer account Opens New Window, where you will find the instructions and access the download link.

In addition, you can find a full video tutorial for iOS SocketCam integration Opens New Window in our new Developer Video Playlist Opens New Window. (Android tutorial coming soon!)