Overcoming the Challenges of Damaged Barcodes in Delivery Services

February 15, 2024 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG


Mobile delivery services are integral to our daily routines, bringing everything from meals and groceries to furniture and flowers to our doorsteps. With this convenience comes increased customer expectations. Real-time updates and seamless delivery experiences are the low-end expectations rather than the exception. Drivers are increasingly under pressure and face multiple daily challenges, with damaged barcodes topping the list of frustrations.

When drivers cannot capture data from barcodes, it can result in significant setbacks in the delivery process, often leading to larger logistical difficulties.

Let's explore the impact of damaged barcodes within this industry and how high-performance data capture solutions help mobile delivery service Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) businesses overcome these damaged barcode hurdles.

Barcode Vulnerability Roadblocks

From dispatch to doorstep, reliable data capture is crucial at every stage of the delivery journey. Barcodes bridge the gap between physical items and digital tracking systems, but they're often susceptible to many outside factors that can cause them to be unscannable

  • Physical Damage: Barcodes printed on package labels or paper can be scratched or torn during handling, loading, or unloading. Additionally, the barcode can become distorted and unreadable if a package is crushed or bent.
  • Environmental Exposure: Rain, snow, or excess sunlight causes ink to smudge or paper labels to deteriorate. Packages in transit can also accumulate dirt and grime, which can cover or obscure barcodes.
  • Printing and Labeling Errors: If the barcode is poorly printed, it may be unreadable from the start. Poor print quality, misplacement on packages, or overwrapping materials can easily cause barcodes to be damaged.
  • Handling and Usage Errors: Frequent scanning can sometimes cause the ink on a barcode label to wear down, and accidental marking by handlers may also damage the code.

Down-the-Road Impact of Damaged Barcodes in Delivery Services

Damaged barcodes present significant challenges for delivery businesses. Many data capture devices are not equipped with the technology to decipher these codes. If a delivery driver is unable to capture the required data, it can lead to much larger issues.

  • Delayed Processing: Manual intervention is often needed when systems fail to read damaged barcodes, sometimes requiring physical data entry by delivery drivers. As they go door to door to complete multiple deliveries on time, this process can cause significant setbacks.
  • Misrouting of Packages: Damaged barcodes may result in packages being sent to the wrong location, causing further delays and potentially leading to lost or misdelivered items. Misrouted packages can incur extra shipping costs as they may need to be transported twice or more to reach the correct destination.
  • Data Loss: Barcodes contain vital information about the package's content, origin, destination, and handling instructions. Damage to the barcode can result in the loss of this information, complicating the delivery process and customer service.
  • Increased Risk of Theft or Loss: If a barcode is damaged and a package cannot be tracked properly, it may be left unsecured or in limbo, increasing the risk of theft or loss.
  • Customer Dissatisfaction: Delayed or lost deliveries due to barcode issues can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction, potentially impacting a company's reputation and customer loyalty.

Given the widespread problem of damaged barcodes and the significant impact on delivery businesses, it's evident that equipping drivers with a modern data management solution is crucial to mitigate these issues.

Don't Let Damaged Barcodes Break Down your Delivery Processes

Socket Mobile offers a number of data readers built to address these particular challenges, including SocketCam Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK)—a cutting-edge camera barcode scanning software. It allows users to access high-performance data capture using just the camera on their smartphone or tablet, providing instant barcode scanning capabilities to delivery drivers.

The advanced version, SocketCam C860, leads the industry in damaged barcode scanning technology—outperforming competitors by swiftly and accurately decoding even the most compromised barcodes. A delivery application integrated with SocketCam provides end-to-end tracking and confirmation at every point of the delivery process, even if a barcode becomes damaged along the way. SocketCam is able to capture the data from a compromised barcode, even in poor lighting conditions, and transfer the accurate data to the delivery application for further processing. Customers still receive real-time updates about the whereabouts of their delivery, and drivers don't have to face setbacks due to barcode issues— a win/win situation for everyone involved.

SocketCam C860 Features Geared for the Delivery Industry:

  • Advanced Damaged Code Decoding: The C860 accurately interprets severely damaged barcodes three times faster Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) than other leading software decoders.
  • Versatile Scanning Capabilities: Its proficiency in reading numerous barcode types in low-light conditions or at awkward angles makes it a valuable solution for drivers on the go.
  • Increased Scanning Speed: By cutting down on scanning time, the C860 enables faster package handling, improving overall delivery times and reducing operational bottlenecks.
  • Reliability: The robust scanning technology ensures that data is captured accurately the first time, routing packages correctly while minimizing the risk of missed deliveries and associated costs.

SocketCam easily integrates into delivery applications using Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK), which provides quick, reliable, and consistent data capture performance. With SocketCam C860, delivery services can significantly diminish the pain points caused by damaged barcodes, ensuring a seamless, error-free process from pickup to drop-off.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction—One Doorstep at a Time

As the delivery industry faces daily data capture challenges, SocketCam C860 is the robust answer to the sector's damaged barcode dilemma. It brings a new level of precision and reliability to mobile barcode scanning, ensuring that deliveries remain on track and customer satisfaction stays at its peak. By integrating Socket Mobile's technology, delivery applications can navigate the challenges of damaged barcodes and ensure customer loyalty and confidence in their business.

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