SocketCam C820 Support for CaptureSDK Flutter is Here!

October 23, 2023 by Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES


We are excited to announce that SocketCam C820 support has been added to CaptureSDK Flutter! This means you can now add a free camera-based barcode scanning solution to your Flutter apps that supports both iOS and Android. 

With SocketCam C820, your end users will gain a free barcode scanning solution that turns any mobile device into a high-performance barcode scanner. In addition, testing your CaptureSDK integration has been simplified— as there is no need for a physical hardware scanner. To get started, simply enable SocketCam in your app.

Once it’s confirmed that SocketCam is functional in your app, you can pick up any Socket Mobile barcode scanner and it will work seamlessly. Depending on your specific needs, this may require no additional coding or only a few extra lines of code. 

To get the latest SDK Version 1.4.17, head over to Opens New Window. For more information about implementation, check out our documentation Opens New Window.

As Flutter continues to gain popularity, we remain committed to expanding the capabilities of CaptureSDK Flutter. Support for our more advanced camera scanner, SocketCam C860, will be added soon.

We would love to hear your feedback! Please send your comments here Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) or through the developer support email.