Compare Socket Mobile’s 800 Series Barcode Scanners

Socket Mobile’s 800 Series Barcode Readers offer a variety of benefits that optimize your workflow and employee productivity. Each scanner provides specific benefits that best support certain industries. Below, we’ve compared our 800 Series scanners to help you analyze and determine the best reader for your business.

SocketScan S800 Series

SocketScan 800 Series


The SocketScan S800 Series are compact, efficient and cost-effective barcode scanners. They have the same speed and efficiency as the DuraScan D800 Series, minus the extra protective bulk.

Why Choose the SocketScan S800 Series

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Attachable to a mobile device for single-handed use
  • Slim, stylish profile fits easily into pocket or in the palm of hand
  • Able to be used with various mobile devices (iPhone, Android) and latest models
  • Cost-effective for price-conscious users
  • Long-lasting battery operates up to 10 hours on a single charge or 10,000 Scans
  • Handles scanning speeds of up to 2 scans per second for high productivity

Who It's For

The S800s are for customers that want versatility for retail, healthcare, hospitality, inventory management and other mobile applications.

DuraScan D800 Series

DuraScan 800 Series


The DuraScan D800 Series are small, slim and powerful. They are a more rugged version of the SocketScan S800 Series, featuring longer-lasting batteries and increased resilience.

Why Choose the DuraScan D800 Series

  • Includes a protective case for increased durability
  • Attachable to mobile devices for quick, single-handed operation
  • Well suited for harsh and demanding environments
  • Robust charging dock eliminates hazards caused by charging cables
  • Designed for mobility, durability, and long-lasting shifts
  • Handles scanning speeds up to 2 scans per second for high productivity

Who It's For

The D800s are ideal for logistics, commercial services, industrial and other mobile business applications.

DuraSled DS800 Series

DuraSled 800 Series


The DuraSled DS800 Series are durable, highly versatile, and powerful. They offer drop protection comparable to the D800 Series and double as a case for both your phone and included scanner.

Why Choose the DuraSled DS800 Series

  • Sled design provides ultimate protection for both the mobile device and scanner
  • Combines your phone and scanner into a single-handed solution, made for multi-taskers
  • Charge both S800 and smartphone using the Charging Dock (comes bundled or sold separately)
  • Handles scanning speeds up to 2 scans per second for high productivity

Who It's For

The DS800s are ideal for delivery services, stock counting, ticketing, government, agriculture, and other mobile applications.

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Guaranteed compatibility.

The SocketScan and DuraScan 700s & 800s have guaranteed scanning and software compatibility. Check out our step-by-step guide to integrate into your application today.