Square POS Data Readers & Support

Shop a curated selection of Socket Mobile data readers that are proudly recommended by Square for use with Square POS. These high-performance barcode scanners and readers provide effortless compatibility with Square and integrate seamlessly for efficient data collection. Find your ideal solution for daily data capture tasks along with comprehensive setup and support information.


About Square

Square POS Opens New Window is a multifaceted platform designed to empower businesses with an all-in-one solution. It offers straightforward payment processing while providing versatile features for managing orders, tracking inventory, and overseeing employees. Square also offers an integrated CRM system for insightful data on customer behavior, paired with tools for personalized marketing and loyalty systems for repeat customers. Whether you're selling in-store or online, Square streamlines every facet of your business operations— from effortless checkouts to enabling informed marketing decisions and fostering strong customer connections.

Square POS recommended barcode scanners:

Trade in your old data reader

Need a 2D barcode scanner? We will upgrade your old data reader with any new model. Use the code below for an additional $10 rebate (refunded upon receipt of the old unit) on top of Socket Mobile's standard trade-in rates.

Rebate Code: Square Upgrade

Find additional products compatible with Square

Explore all Socket Mobile data readers (all Square POS compatible) or find the reader best suited for your needs with the Product Selection Tool below.


Our readers are used in every environment of almost every industry. The recommendations above are based on the most typical environments but may not be a match for yours. We created our reader selection tool Opens Worldwide Website to help you find the data reader best suited for your particular environment. Give it a try!

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How to Set Up Your Barcode Scanner with Square POS


  1. Download Socket Mobile Companion Opens New Window from the Apple App store and follow the set-up instructions within the app.
  2. Once connected, launch Square POS on your iPhone or iPad.


  1. Follow the instructions in the Square set up video Opens New Window.

Square has not yet added support for our barcode scanners on Android devices. We hope this is remedied soon.

Helpful Tips

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  • After Square POS is updated, restart your device to ensure robust Bluetooth connectivity with the scanner.

Need more help with Square?

Our support team is happy to assist.