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D600 window





  • How do I connect my D600 to my Apple device in Application Mode?

  • How do I set up my S550?

  • My host device cannot find the reader.

  • Can I use my reader in Application Mode with applications such as MS Excel, MS Word, Notes, Google Docs, or in a web browser text field?

  • When I read a barcode or NFC tag, no data appears on my screen.

  • My reader is no longer connected.

  • My reader frequently disconnects from Bluetooth.

  • My reader turns off randomly on its own.

  • I still can't connect my reader.

  • How do I replace my DuraScan battery?

  • The iPad's keyboard won't pop up.

  • How do I pair my Socket Mobile scanner in Application mode on my PC?

  • What kind of Warranty does Socket Mobile offer?

  • What do the reader's beeps and tones mean?

  • My reader is getting hot.

  • What do the reader's lights and scan beams look like?

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