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Register Your Socket Mobile Product (Free Warranty Extension)

This voluntary registration process includes a total of 10 questions and takes approximately one minute to complete.

There’s no time limit to register, so take your time. We understand you may not yet have had an opportunity to use the reader long enough to get used to it, so if you’d like to give it a week or three and then register, be our guest. Your feedback is valuable as it helps us better understand our customer’s needs and improve our products. We’d much prefer you’d used it for a while and left accurate, honest feedback – good or bad!

In the meantime, if you need any technical assistance you can contact one of the Support team using this form.

Please note the 90 day warranty extension is not available for refurbished devices, nor does it reactivate a warranty that has expired

Register Via App Opens new site
Up to 90-day warranty extension.

Register Online
Up to 90-day warranty extension.

Batch Register
Register multiple devices.