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Dear Socket Mobile Customer,

Thank you for using Socket Mobile products. We are continually working hard to ensure your scanner continues to operate well in the ever changing mobile world and in doing so have discovered an issue with the latest Apple iOS 14.0.1 update that adversely affects the barcode data delivery speed of Bluetooth barcode scanners.

We are happy to inform you that customers using the scanner in App mode will continue to enjoy excellent performance. App mode is the recommended way to use the scanner because in this mode the scanner is controlled by the App, (Shopify, Square, Lightspeed etc) and is the most robust and reliable way to use the scanner. Only MFi scanners can operate in this mode. Please see here for details of more applications that Socket Mobile scanners connect to in Application mode and in doing so will not be affected by this issue.

However, for customers that connect to Apple devices in Basic HID or Keyboard Emulation mode to scan into non-MFi application’s such as Safari, Excel or Notes and have noticed a reduction in scanning speed after upgrading to iOS 14.0.1 we recommend downloading and installing the Socket Mobile Keyboard (SM Keyboard) application from the Apple app store here.

Once the Socket Mobile Keyboard application is installed users will be able to connect their scanner to the Apple iOS device in Advanced Application mode and enjoy fast, accurate scanning performance once again.

We are available to offer support and guidance if you have any questions or need any assistance with configuring your Socket Mobile scanner with iOS 14.0.1 and can be contacted via

Best regards,

Socket Mobile, Inc