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SocketCare Extended Warranty Coverage plans are individualized to your data reader model and can be purchased within 60 days of reader purchase. After you have completed your order for a new data reader, you will receive an email to complete your SocketCare registration.

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All the great warranty benefits of the Standard 1-Year Warranty, but with options to extend for 2 or 4 years (3 or 5 years total) on select products. Covers product issues attributable to manufacturing or workmanship defects during everyday use. Our technical support team will be available to you online, over the phone, or through email within 24 hours to address any issues that may arise with your device. Enjoy free standard shipping of your repaired device or replacement, with express shipping options also available.

Accidents happen. Your readers receive the benefits of the Standard Extended Warranty plus damage coverage, so you have peace of mind that your device is covered during the event of an accidental drop or break. Also includes even faster support response within one business day and quick replacement turnaround times, minimizing productivity loss. 

Please note, readers are only covered for a one-time Accidental claim. 

Maximize your coverage and services. Your readers receive all the benefits of One-Time Accidental along with same-day support and 1-day replacement turnaround time. You’ll have minimal downtime without your device and your reader will quickly return to capturing data efficiently and effectively.  Enjoy free shipping on defective units along with free express shipping on new units back to you. 

  1. Based on product term. SocketCare extended warranty must be purchased and activated within 60 days of purchasing a product.
  2. Support inquiries made within regular business hours (7 am to 4 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday) will be responded to within the timeframe noted above. After-hour inquiries will be treated as if received 7 am the following business day.
  3. Advanced express shipment requires a security deposit prior to shipment of a replacement unit. See Deposit Terms and Conditions.
  4. SocketCare services are available in the region where SocketCare is purchased. A pre-paid return shipping label will be provided for Premium Express warranty. 
  5. Service fees based on device and year of claim will apply when making a One-Time Accidental claim. See Terms and Conditions.

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